A new age for Cloud storage

A Layer-1 DePIN for the 90% of web3 companies and individuals forced to use centralized Cloud data storage solutions
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The State of Decentralized Cloud Storage

In the Web3 ecosystem, top-tier infrastructure is essential for optimal service and application experiences. Yet, existing decentralized solutions fall short.

50 % - 95 %
slower file transfer speeds using a DePIN compared to a centralized solution.
>0.1 %
the revenue of current Cloud storage DePINs compared to AWS’s revenue.
+90 %
of all Web3 companies use centralized Cloud storage solutions.

Web3 solutions can’t meet the demands of web3 and blockchain applications.

Today, Web3’s reliance on centralized solutions isn’t a preference but rather a lack of better options.

As the infrastructure needs of Web3 projects evolve beyond the limiting offerings of centralized solutions and concerns over data privacy, governance, and sovereignty grow, there's an increasing need for decentralized alternatives that offer enhanced control and security. 

However, existing Web3 Cloud storage solutions struggle to gain traction due to 3 key issues:

  • Download speed

    Prioritizes storage quantity, rendering high-quality providers unprofitable and resulting in slow network download speeds.

  • Compliance

    Not designed to work with the evolving legislations of different countries.

  • Integration

    Creates complex development frameworks hindering widespread adoption.

Cloud data storage is a global issue. 

The future is a web3 solution.

Brieuc Berruet

Co-Founder and CEO of Nephele Labs

Our Solution

A profitable, scalable, and user-friendly network to power the future 
of all present and future web services

Guarantees the profitability of high-quality hardware and service providers.

We aim to reward storage hardware and service providers with public, open, and transparent pricing and algorithms.

Provides the fastest file transfer speed for web3 services and applications.

We aim to support an ecosystem that allows companies to respect compliance, privacy, and sovereignty needs.

A developer-friendly network to deploy compliant web3 applications with ease.

We aim to provide a modular, simple, and flexible infrastructure to develop Cloud storage services with standard web3 technologies.

The Nephele Network

Harnessing cutting-edge blockchain features and merging the best of Filecoin and Ethereum to fulfill Web3’s Cloud storage needs.

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A breakthrough Layer-1 blockchain technology ...

EVM-compatible storage

The first Layer 1 storage DePIN fully compatible with all Ethereum services and applications, enabling the effortless deployment of dApps, AI, DeFi, and RWA solutions on Nephele.

PoS/PoSt Hybrid Proof

A unique combination of Ethereum's Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Filecoin's Proof-of-SpaceTime (PoSt) to guarantee and reward the integrity of blockchain and data storage across deployed network services.

Hybrid Node Revenue

Physical infrastructure providers earn from staking and file storage contracts through Storage and Staking nodes (SSN). This novel revenue model ensures stable and profitable incomes based on a provider's contribution power.

QoN Optimizer

Quality-of-Network optimizer to guarantee fast, diverse, and reliable data services, optimizing file download speeds through high-quality hardware infrastructure.

... with a combination of novel and powerful features …

Content-driven Layer

Anyone can deploy a service gateway for compliant, secure, and private data services with a custom revenue model, enabling both traditional and Web3 developers to deploy applications with ease.


An ecosystem of scalable Layer-2 blockchain solutions on top of Nephele, creating a unique Cloud network with limitless use cases. A first in web3 Cloud storage.

Open Marketplace

A public platform for SSN providers to openly propose storage hardware and data service pricing, fostering open competition and transparent pricing.

Whitelist System

An open-access, public, and transparent listing system of compliant and trusted SSN and service gateway providers, enabling the development of safe, flexible, and privacy-compliant businesses aligned to regional laws.

... to build a game-changing Cloud ecosystem.

Nephele Labs: The Team

The Nephele network is powered by Nephele Labs, a global team of experts with diverse backgrounds and complementary skills, each with over 5 years of experience in the Web3 industry.

Brieuc Berruet
Chief Executive Officer
Lead Core Developer
Chief Business and Marketing Officer
Javier Ortiz
Full-Stack Developer

Our Roadmap

The Nephele network aims to address the challenges faced by decentralized storage networks and establish itself as the leading solution for data storage in Web3 and beyond.

Phase 1 - DROP
Q1 2023 -  Q2 2024
  • - Market Research
  • - Network Technology Definition
  • - Proof-of-Concept and Yellowpaper 
  • - Smart contracts for file storage and EVM/Layer-2 Compatibility
  • - PoS/PoSt Hybridization and Quality-of-Network (QoN) Optimizer Integration
  • - Network website, Token economy, and Whitepaper
  • - Main Network Goes Live
phase 2 - CUMULUS
Q2 2024 - Q4 2024
  • - Private and Public Token Sales
  • - Physical Infrastructure Partnerships
  • - Community Development
  • - Dencun Upgrade Integration
  • - Network UX Enhancements (Documentation, Tutorials, Videos)
  • - Whitelist System and Marketplace
  • - B2B Developments for Service Gateway and Storage providers
Q1 2025 - Q3 2025
  • - Partnerships, Listings, and Bridging with Major Web3 Networks and Platforms
  • - Guides for Traditional Web Development Pipelines for Data Services (AWS, Azure, etc.)
  • - Official Launch of Nephele Foundation
  • - Additional B2B Services to Enhance Network User Experience
  • - Enhanced Network Features
  • - Ecosystem Growth and dApp Acquisition
  • - Development of Layer-2 Solutions
  • - Launch of Research, Incubator, and Accelerator Programs