A new age for Cloud storage

Nephele is the new Layer-1 DePIN for 90% of web3 companies and individuals forced to use centralized Cloud data storage solutions.
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The State of DEPIN Cloud Storage

Web3 businesses depend on their deployed solutions' quality of services and experience. The existing decentralized solutions lead to an overwhelming reality that web3 builders face.

50% - 95%
Slower in file transfer speed to use a DePIN compared to centralized solutions.
Of AWS revenues are equal to the revenues of all the current Cloud storage DePIN.
Of web3 market is valued by the DePIN market (considering all the use cases).

Web3 and Cloud storage could be more efficient.

Today, centralized protagonists for web3 businesses are not a choice but a constraint. Companies, associations, and individuals are increasingly concerned about the data privacy, governance, and sovereignty of countries and companies.

The web3 cloud storage must solve three primary issues, which lead to this paradoxical situation for businesses and individuals in the web3 and in the Cloud storage.

  • FILE transfer speed

    Prioritizes storage quantity, rendering high-quality providers unprofitable and resulting in slow network download speeds.

  • Compliance

    Not designed to work with the evolving legislations of different countries.

  • Integration

    Creates complex development frameworks hindering widespread adoption.

Cloud data storage is a global challenge while satisfying regional issues. This future is in a web3 solution.

Brieuc Berruet

Co-Founder and CEO of Nephele Labs


Building our DePIN must solve traditional and web3 Cloud storage problems by supporting the future of web services of subsequent decades.

Get rewarded fairly for contributing your high-quality hardware and services.

We aim to reward storage hardware and service providers with public, open, and transparent pricing and algorithms.

Customize your services to align with the evolving legislation in your region.

We aim to support an ecosystem that allows companies to respect compliance, privacy, and sovereignty needs.

Deploy your applications in a developer-friendly and flexible ecosystem.

We aim to provide a modular, simple, and flexible infrastructure to develop Cloud storage services with standard web3 technologies.

Enhance your quality of services and overall user experience in the Cloud.

We aim to develop a network that guarantees companies can deploy seamless solutions like traditional Cloud solutions.


The unique features of the Nephele network will guarantee a growing ecosystem to achieve the best Cloud storage DePIN for the future of the web. We've merged the best of Filecoin and Ethereum to create a unique technology.

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A breakthrough Layer-1 blockchain technology ...

PoS/PoSt Hybrid Proof

A unique combination of Ethereum's Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Filecoin's Proof-of-SpaceTime (PoSt) to guarantee and reward the integrity of blockchain and data storage across deployed network services.

EVM + Storage

It is the first storage DePIN fully compatible with all Ethereum services and applications. With powerful Cloud storage, you can deploy dApps, DeFi projects, or RWA solutions on Nephele.

Hybrid Node Revenue

Physical infrastructure providers' Storage and Staking nodes (SSN) earn from staking and file storage contracts. This new revenue model guarantees stable and profitable incomes according to the provider's contribution power.

QoN Optimizer

Quality-of-network (QoN) optimizer guarantees fast, various, and reliable data services and providers by pushing physical infrastructure to optimize file download speeds with high-quality hardware infrastructure.

... to build a game-changing cloud ecosystem ...

Content-driven Layer

Anyone can deploy a service gateway to build compliant, secure, and private data services with a custom revenue model. The Nephele ecosystem allows traditional and web3 developers to deploy their applications without headaches.


Layer-2 blockchain solutions will extend the network use cases to build a unique Cloud ecosystem by creating an ecosystem of scalable blockchain Cloud solutions on top of Nephele. Nephele is the first to do this.

Open Marketplace

The staking and storage nodes (SSN) providers propose their storage prices to support various storage hardware and data services. It is a public platform for pricing and services, fostering open competition and transparency.

Whitelist System

An open-access, public, and transparent provider listing system that refers the compliant and trustful staking and storage nodes and service gateways providers. It enables the development of safe, flexible, and privacy-compliant businesses that adhere to regional laws.

... Paving the way to infinite possibilities.

Nephele Labs: THE TEAM

The development of the Nephele network is powered by Nephele Labs, a global company composed of members where everyone has more than 5 years of experience in the web3 industry.

Brieuc Berruet
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Business and Marketing Officer
Javier Ortiz
Full-Stack Developer
Mickael Faust
Open Contributor


The development of the Nephele network aims to solve the issues of decentralized storage networks. Our roadmap guaranteed a triumphant story for Nephele Labs and its community.

Phase 1 - DROP
Q1 2023 -  Q2 2024
  • Market Ingestigations (technical assessment, conferences, large-scale analyses ...)
  • Definition of technologies (Architecture, blockchain, ...)
  • PoC, Yellowpaper of the Nephele network
  • Smart contracts for file storage contracts and EVM/Layer-2 Compatibilities
  • Hybridation of PoS/PoSt and Quality-of-Network (QoN) Optimizer
  • Nephele's network website, tokenomics and whitepaper
  • Live main network
phase 2 - CUMULUS
Q2 2024 - Q3 2025
  • Private and Public token sales
  • Physical infrastructure partnerships
  • Community expension (Twitter, Telegram ...)
  • Clood release: The Store-to-Earn Application
  • Improvements of the network UX (documentations, tutorials, videos ...)
  • Whitelist System and Marketplace
  • Dencun upgrade
  • B2B developments for service gateway and storage providers
Q3 2025 - 2026 - 2027
  • Partnership, listing, and bridging with major web3 networks and platforms
  • Guides with traditional web development pipelines for data services (AWS, Azure etc.)
  • Official launch of Nephele Foundation
  • More B2B services to improve the UX's network
  • Enhancing network features
  • Ecosystem growth, Community Airdrops/Giveaways
  • Development of Layer-2 solutions
  • Launch of Research/Incubator/Accelerator Program